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An expanded, downtown business and social district rich in history, heritage, and culture. 

A vibrant hub of local restaurants and bars.

A year-round indoor/outdoor marketplace featuring

community artisans and makers, live music and theater performances.

An incubator for budding entrepreneurs.

A space for the community to gather for events, activities, and celebrations.

A destination and attraction for our community and our visitors.

A sense of place. 

Proposed Concept
Current Condition
Proposed Redevelopment
Parker Motor Co. 1950s
Event Lawn
Event Lawn
Performance Stage
Commemorative Fountains
Preserved Facade as Gateway
Farmers Market
Historic Soo Line Warehouse
Back Alley Artisan Shops
Active and Passive Recreation Areas
Central Campus Lawn

Aksal Group has introduced { one } concept. Let's build on this! Share your bright idea! 

Thanks for building on this concept!

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