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Aksal Group Properties in Downtown Minot

Neighboring properties play a pivotal role in shaping success and a vibrant downtown.

Aerial view of the 1st & Central SE block in Downtown Minot

Phase One: The Aksal Group projects began in 2017 with the purchase of Citizens Garage — downtown Minot’s original parking garage. Redevelopment on the block continued with the purchase of two buildings neighboring Citizens Garage. These buildings are now connected and function as a single building known as 1st & Central, which houses various local, small businesses.


Phase Two: The second phase of the Aksal Group’s redevelopment project is set to begin in spring 2024 and includes the FreightHouse and Citizens Alley. This phase involves the construction of a year-round public plaza and outdoor gathering space, essentially in the front yard of newly redeveloped small business suites.

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