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Aksal Group Properties in Downtown Minot

Neighboring properties play a pivotal role in shaping success and a vibrant downtown.

Aksal Group Properties in Downtown Minot

Neighboring properties play a pivotal role in shaping success and a vibrant downtown.



We are invested in Minot's future

At Aksal Group, we're committed to the betterment of Minot and investing in its future. We’re dedicated to the redevelopment of blighted property in downtown Minot to create and increase vibrancy, sense of place, and economic impact in the community. Aksal Group's business is creating spaces where entrepreneurs can realize their dreams and grow their businesses in the heart of downtown Minot.


  • Developing Minot into a place people are proud to call home and want to live in

  • Building community through relationships and fostering connections

  • Creating economic drivers for Minot

  • Delivering right-sized opportunities for this place

  • Increasing all-seasons attractions for residents and visitors




Jessica and Ryan met while students at Minot High School. After briefly chasing the dream in Fargo, ND, and Denver, CO, they realized the best opportunity was actually in Minot and they relocated home in 2004.

Together with their children, Jessica and Ryan joined the budding excitement in downtown Minot in 2017 and formed Aksal Group with a mission to provide space to support entrepreneurs and organizations looking to the future.

Their belief that a local emphasis creates a more sustainable community led them to 1st and Central at the heart of downtown Minot. After years of hard work in the trenches of renovation, they’ve created spaces for several new businesses that now call this hip block home.

Their renovations have breathed new life into downtown Minot, capturing the unique history of this special place. There’s something to do on this block all day — from coffee to cocktails, as Jessica likes to say.

Jessica and Ryan care deeply about supporting small businesses and promoting family time with an emphasis on being outdoors. These core beliefs guide their continued investments in downtown Minot.

Jessica and Ryan are champions for the city they love, and they continue to dream big about the next opportunities they can bring to this block, the downtown area, residents, and annual visitors to meet the needs of the community. They’re focused on doing what’s in the best interest of the community they love.

How do you pronouce Aksal anyway?!?

Axl Rose

axl [ ak-suhl ]


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