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Redefining development
for our community

We are dedicated to creating a vibrant place for future generations as we celebrate our hometown.



It all began with a vision to turn dreamers into doers for the betterment of Minot's downtown.

Having experienced community buzz and engagement at public places in other downtowns, we took action and created the Gathering 1.Oh! event as a pilot project for such a space in Minot. 

Community Engagement

Hometown Pride & History

Public Art Installation

Public Input/Idea Generation

Public Gathering

New winter activity

Nod to our Canadian neighbors

Family Friendly


Urban Development

Strengthen Surrounding Businesses

Encouraging Cold Weather Activity

Community Collaboration


Citizens Alley
Our Commitment to Community

Creating Partnerships

Delicious lake buns baked fresh by Prairie Sky Breads in Downtown Minot.

"I often think about how lucky we are that we went with Aksal Group. We had a couple of options, but what threw us over the edge was how helpful and kind the Ackermans were and that we got to work with them directly — that they listened to our ideas AND got excited about them."

Prairie Sky Breads

Women's fashionable clothing at Weekender in Downtown Minot.

"The sense of community among our fellow businesses in the area is what makes downtown Minot so special. We've developed strong relationships with our neighbors, often collaborating and referring customers to one another. It truly feels like we're part of a tight-knit business family."


Calling all dreamers and doers. 

Let's discuss your business being part of a destination block in downtown Minot. Fill out the form, send us an email, or give us a call.


Minot, North Dakota

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Axl Rose

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